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Cherry Blossom Wow Factor DIY KIT

Great for ages 8+. Adult supervision required.

Comes with:20x Natural Branches: 24-28" at tallestBranch/Blossom Canopy: 18" across Glass Vase: 9x5" FauxCherry Blossoms with Glue Dots

INSTRUCTIONS:Put branches in vase. Remove glue dot from strip and place anywhere on branch.Remove additional backing paper from dot, and stick a blossom to cover it on the branch.Place several blossoms in this area to cover glue dot. Experiment with various amounts of blossoms in areas by alternating amounts on each branch. 3 blossoms on this one, 2 on this one, 5 on this one- and so on. Keep blossoms above the vase line, and emphasis them closer to top of branches.

This stress relieving design is a PERFECT family group activity while killing the boredom blues with the essence of spring's blossoms.A proud sense of accomplishment when the task is done, and a stunning and large statement piece suitable for a coffee table, end table, front desk, or front hall.Plant stands available soon to showcase your new decor.